Datum: March 31st, 2021, 8:45pm

Unscheduled “Health test” at Austrian nuclear power plant was carried out by cyber security experts instead of nuclear scientists. At the same time, security analysts are being gathered by CERT to investigate the source of power outage from January 2021. Coincidence?

As previously reported by ANИA, the "health test" -- showing all signs of a false flag-operation by the energy provider tasked with the management of the aging Austrian nuclear power plant -- that was conducted at AKW Zwentendorf, per request by the IAEA earlier this year, were not performed by nuclear energy specialists, as would normally be expected in situations of this magnitude. Our own intelligence on location has been following this case closely and rigorously documented any logistical irregularities around the plant. This photo from one of our trusted sources clearly shows the "specialists" before entering the plant. Upon request for a comment from ANИA, the cyber security firm said they were there on a routine mission to update the ageing server protocols. "The servers are getting dusty and need to be updated regularly, it's just a normal routine check", says Connor McConface, senior representative from CyberSync. Funny that the timely coincidence plays into the hands of the IAEA since no confirmations of any nuclear scientists entering the plant could be obtained by ANИA – if no one else was there, who did the health tests if not the cyber security firm? In related news, information exclusive to ANИA suggests that the “experts” gathered by CERT to investigate the all-European near-Blackout from January 2021 are not from the field of energy production or energy quality management at all: instead, they are cyber security analysts as well! But sure, there was “no indication for a cyber attack”, as official statements say. Instead, renewable energy sources were blamed as the culprit. More as the story develops!

For ANИA by Jane Svenson

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