Datum: February 28th, 2021, 5:49pm

As new proof emerges that CERT investigation of European-wide energy network failure might be nothing more than a standard multi-national cover up operation, several sources suggest that culprit can be traced back to Austrian energy provider. Furthermore, there are indications of an irregular health test at the aged nuclear power plant Zwentendorf which might be connected…

As ANИA exclusively can report today, the ongoing CERT "investigation" is nothing but a standard multinational cover-up operation, for what our sources have suspected all along: the near disastrous European-wide energy network failure registered on January 21st, 2021, (also known as Split-Gate) can be traced back to Austrian energy providers. No surprise there, though! Multiple anonymous expert sources have previously come forward to ANИA's newsdesk and expressed their suspicions in the "health test" conducted at AKW Zwentendorf. Leaked official documents show that none of the required tests were conducted as per regulatory standards issued by the IAEA. They were immediately signed off and classified with no further actions taken. When approached by our reporters, Edward "Nuk'Ed" Schattenberger (spokesperson for the EVN special investigative commission coordinating the cover-up on Zwentendorf) says: "I have really nothing to say on that regard, everything is fine. To suggest anything else would be dangerous". Sounds like a poorly disguised threat to us. We will bring you the real news on this hot topic that you can't find anywhere else. 

For ANИA by Kent Clarkson

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