Datum: January 9th, 2021, 5:42am

Yesterday lunchtime, an energy blackout threatened to cripple systems throughout the European continent. This massive near-blackout which was avoided only at the very last opportunity and by re-supplying energy into critical infrastructure from “outdated” and abandoned but still functioning power plants. Read the whole story here on ANИA.

On January 8th, around 13.04 PM a sharp drop in frequency was registered that almost paralyzed Europe. Numerous power plants had to immediately supply additional energy to stabilize the grid. Pumped storage power plants and still available gas-fired power plants had to be mobilized. According to the Austrian blackout expert Herbert Saurugg, it was the second most serious major incident in the European network EVER! According to the ENTSO-E classification, the third of four warning levels was achieved (Global security is endangered!). “Thank God it went well,” said Werner Hengst, Managing Director of Netz Niederösterreich GmbH. “We estimate that the situation will get worse in the next few years.” Obviously, statements like this raise more questions than answers: Is he warning us about something? Credible speculation on Internet forums, of which ANИA has intimate knowledge, points out that “this event bears all tell-tale signs of a Russian disruption maneuver, possibly a part of Putin’s grand plan to advance the Russian pipeline infrastructure in Europe”. Other sources point in the opposite direction: radicalized environmentalists and the eco-lobby (financed by Putin?) might be trying to sabotage the power grid for advancing the green agenda: blame nuclear power for the failures and in the end, replace it with green energy.

For ANИA by Jane Svenson

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